Ready for Customer Retention? Use loyalty program

Posted by Delightle on Dec 8, 2016 6:43:18 AM



The goal of customer retention programs is to help companies retail as many customers as possible, often through Customer Loyalty and Brand Loyalty initiatives. It is important to remember that customer retention begins with the first contact a customer has with company and continues throughout the entire lifetime. However, businesses can now easily and effective organize their contacts, create automated reward systems, and understand what marketing strategies are most effective for their company. Read on to learn how you can use loyalty program to boost customer retention. 

Take care of reputation

Customers like to shop from businesses that they enjoy good reputation. Businesses need to take steps to maintain their reputation. "Word of mouth" spreads faster than wildfire, hence companies need to game upon their game and control how they are perceived. 

Make customers feel royalty

Build relationship with improving overall customer experience of online shopping. It is also important to provide customers with rewards to revisit your company. Whether company is working on a point or spend-based system, a tiered system, or another loyalty program, it is important to set rewards that offer real value to your clients. This may mean a free item after a number of visits, a cash discount or percentage discount after spending a certain amount, access to a special event once the customer has reached a certain tier, or other promotions that remind your clients why they love business. Having a variety of rewards that increase in value is a great way to encourage customers.
Know your customers
We need to understand what motivates a customer to business.By using loyalty program software, businesses can segment their customers in order to understand trends in their spending and visit history, as well as their responses to promotional incentives or loyalty rewards. Because each customer’s interaction with company is unique, investing in a digital marketing service that offers segmentation tools is a great way to ensure that your clients are being targeted effectively. For example, with Campaigns, automated life cycle emails that aim to win back customers by sending promotional incentives and emails in definite time intervals after last visit. Further, segmenting your customers will provide business with a competitive edge.Small Business Survey on marketing and customer retention trends indicates that a vast majority of small business owners are not segmenting their clients or sending targeted offers.

Introduction of loyalty program in business will not only help businesses, for building consumer relationship both new and existing helping customer retention, but also help innovate the business with latest technologies.

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